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The National Society of Accountants Staff

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The National Society of Accountants Staff

National Society of Accountants, 1010 N. Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, voice: 703-549-6400, toll free: 800-966-6679, fax: 703-549-2984

Executive Department:
Vacant, Executive Vice President
Sandra E. Herring, Special Assistant to EVP, extension: 1328
Vacant, Administrative Assistant

Vacant, Conference Registrar

Member Services:
Jeff Thurmond, Director, extension 1303, email: nsa@wizard.net
Scott Fleming, Administrative Assistant, extension 1302
Lynn Evans, Membership Assistant, extension 1311
Angelo Africa, Fulfillment Manager, extension 1308
Zak Bango, Mail Clerk, extension 1308

Management Information Systems:
Bryce Dawley, MIS Administrator, extension 1307, email: neogeo@ami.net
Ryan Ford, Income Processor, extension: unknown

Kimberlee Lippencott, Editor, extension 1318, nsamrkt@wizard.net

Susan Noell, Foundation Director, extension 1312

John Mericsko, Director, extension 1304
Bob Mann, Accountant, extension 1305
Marlene Granada, Accountant, extension 1334
Meg Ramos, Accounting Assistant, extension 1306
Lubna Bashir, Accounting Clerk, extension 1337

Federal Affairs & Tax Counsel
Mary Turville, Tax Manager, extension 1317
Bernie Phillips, Tax Manager, extension 1321
Kathleen Johnston, Administrative Assistant, extension 1322

Leslie Shapiro, Legal Counsel, extension 1319
Jeannie Anderson, Administrative Assistant, extension 1320

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