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CINS 101 - Introduction to Computers

Course Description:

An introductory course in computers that will introduce the student to the basic Computer Information System terminology and uses. Laboratory time will be devoted to making the student familiar with personal computers and software. Students will complete assignments in Windows, word processing (WORD), spreadsheets (EXCEL), databases (ACCESS), and presentation graphics (POWERPOINT). As time permits, the fundamentals of selecting personal computer hardware and software may also be presented.

Note: Additional time may be required to complete the hands-on assignments. An open lab is available in the Applied Technology Building for students who may need additional time. See the instructor or the office support staff for location.

Course Objectives:

    Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
  1. Use the PC in a productive way.
  2. Understand the most widely used commercial PC applications.
  3. Use the PC in further course work.
  4. Take advanced computer-related courses in the CINS curriculum.
  5. Better understand the impact the PC has on society and our everyday lives.

Computer Information Systems Department Policies

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes (see "Attendance Policy" in the current college catalog). Call or e-mail the instructor prior to class if you must be absent. Events such as a death in the family, religious holidays, and/or participating in college functions constitute an excused absence. Do not schedule Doctor's appointments or the like during class time; a doctor's appointment does not constitute an excused absence. If you are excessively late, or leave before class is dismissed, you will be marked absent.

Student Responsibility for Third Party Assistance: The departmental faculty recognizes that some students may require assistance from third parties (i.e., persons other than instructors) to complete a project or lab assignment. This is acceptable, as long as the student performs the majority of the tasks required in completing a project or lab assignment. In other words, don't get someone else to do it for you!! Departmental policy states that "students are responsible for all work that they turn in as their own. This means that an instructor may ask a student to explain how the student's project or program actually performs its function. If such an explanation is unsatisfactory to the instructor, the instructor may give a failing grade for the assignment.

Classroom Behavior: You are college students, and adults; you will be treated as such. You will not disturb the class with beepers or cell phones, or overly obnoxious alarm watches.

Final Grade Calculation: Your grade will be based on a combination of your quiz grades (30%), your exam grades (30%), your lab assignments (30%), and your attendance (10%). Ten 15-20-question take-home quizzes will be given at the end of each lecture section, and two in-class exams will be given - one mid-term, and one final. There will also be four computerized lab tests. More information on those will follow.

Please note that Wednesday, March 20, 2002, is a Professional Day. Classes will not be held on that day. Also, Spring Break runs from March 29 through April 5; classes will resume on April 8.

Laboratory Topics and Assignments

Laboratory projects are designed to give you hands-on experience. The lab manual must be read prior to arriving in the lab. This will allow you to utilize the lab time efficiently to complete your assignments. Please make sure your name and the course number and section appear on every assignment you hand in.

Following is a tentative schedule of lab assignments. PLEASE BE SURE TO COMPLETE ALL STEPS IN EACH LESSON BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO DO THE PROJECT AT THE END OF THE LESSON. Each lesson contains information essential to the understanding of the related projects. NOTE: Course schedule may be modified by instructor to meet the needs of the class.

Unit Assignments to Print