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Meet The Staff

The staff is composed of two accountants: Alfred Giovetti and Christine Giovetti.

Alfred Giovetti and Christine Giovetti are a Certified Public Accountants, Accredited Business Accountants, Accredited Tax Advisors, Certified Tax Practitioners, Elder Care Specialists, and have passed the Internal Revenue Service Enrolled Agents Examination demonstrating special competence in federal tax matters.

Al worked from in 1967 for American Acquatics as their supervisor of Northern Virginia operations, in 1968 for Eastern Aquatics as their supervisor of Northern Virginia operations, in 1969 and 1970 for American Aquatics as a co-founder and manager. In 1970 and 1971, Al also worked as a student assistant instructor and taught courses at the George Mason Campus of the University of Virginia. In 1971, Al accepted a position as a Special Assistant to the UnderSecretary of the Bureau of Drugs, Dr. George Leong, within the Food and Drug Administration. During his tenure at George Washington University from 1972 to 1979, Al taught various graduate courses including the preparatory course for the comprehensive Doctoral examinations in Cardiovascular and Neuroendocrine Physiology. In 1973, Al became a Food and Drug Officer and worked in the National Office at 501 C Street, SW, Washington, DC. In 1977, Al worked as a supervisor for the Vetrans Adminstration Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1982, Al accepted a postion as Member of the Management Board and Director of Quality Control, Continuing Education, and Research at Maryland Medical Laboratory in Arbutis, Maryland. Six months after taking the position with Maryland Medical Laboratory, Al joined Chris as an accountant in the accounting firm of Giovetti and Giovetti.

Al has worked as a self-employed consultant to companies such as Hazelton Laboratories, The Royal Iranian Government, and Strategic Simulations Incorporated, Megatech Software, and others. Al has been self-employed as an accoutant since 1982. During this time he has worked as a lecturer and adjunct professor at Catonsville Community College, Harford Community College, Carroll Community College, Howard Community College, University of Maryland, and others. Al has provided talks that qualify for continuing education for the Internal Revenue Service, The Small Business Adminstration, National Society of Accountants, Accreditation Council on Accountancy and Taxation, National Association of Accountants, Maryland Society of Accountants, and others.

Al and Christine have both served as president of the Maryland Society of Accountants and Governor of District III of the National Society of Accountants.

Al has served on various committees in Accounting including the National Society of Accountants By-Laws Committee, The Technology Committee, and the Political Action Committee. Al has given his time to raise funds for the NSA Scholarship Foundation and serves as Legislative State Director of the NSA. Al has served on the Maryland Society of Accountants Technology, Education, Professional Studies, Monograph, Newsletter, Legislative, Professional Regulation, By Laws and other committees over the years. Al has received awards for his writing including the MSA Editorial Award, the Golden Quill Award, and a 1995 nomination for the prestigious Computer Press Award for an article written in ComputerWorld.

Alfred Charles Giovetti was born on September 24, 1948 in Alexandria, Virginia to parents Alfred Giovetti and Alice Jeanne. Alfred Giovetti (Al's father) was in the Army during WWII serving with Donovan's Offices of Strategic Services, and after the war he took a job in Communications for the U.S. State Department where he was known as "the man who knew how to do everything." Al's father served the State Department for over 50 years as a career foriegn service officer, and later as a consultant. Alice spent most of her life as a home maker and artist, specializing in realism and early american styles of painting, drawing, and chalk works. Al has two sisers, one older, Patricia and one younger, Jennette.

Alfred attended St. Mary's Parochial School in Alexandria for grades first through eighth and distinguished himself in English and the Arts. His grade school teachers never felt he had any aptitude for math. In St. John's College High School, an NROTC land grant institution in Washington, DC, Al distinguished himself with the Mathematics II Medal and scored in the 99.9+ percentile on Math, Avanced Math I and Advanced Math II Graduate Record Examinations. Al attended La Salle College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated in 1970. Al then worked on a Master of Science degree at the George Mason College of the University of Virginia until 1972. From 1972 to 1979, Al worked on several Doctoral programs at the George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, DC. While Al was at GWU he passed doctoral examinations in eleven subjects, attended the first two years of Medical School, and published over three dozen professional papers on a variety of subjects. Al holds degrees or their equivalent in Accounting, Biology, Physiology, Video Production, and Microbiology. Al continues to take college level credit courses, as he feels that learning is a life long duty and joy. For the past five years, Al and Chris Giovetti have topped the list of continuing education courses attended and credits earned as Fellows of the Maryland Society of Accountants Education Foundation.

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