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Review By: Al Giovetti
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Unanswered Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Spell Casting Basics
  2. Bandit Camp Babies
  3. Second Black Pearl Temple Door Puzzle
  1. Bandit Camp Babies: From: JacinthaI'm playing RTK in chapter 5.. I talked to the farmer about kidnapped kids.. I saw the dieing man and promised him I would rescue the kids.. I killed all in the goblins in the camp, ran to the red tent and it was empty... no kids.. what am I missing.. I'm confused.. help please. Jaci ANS: You need to look around by changing your facing by "cycling the camera view forward" with the "[" key and "cycling the camera view backward" with the "]" key. See page 16 in the 64 page players guide included with the game. Reply:Thanks for replying.. yes I do know how to turn arround.. and I finally figured out that the babies are on his back.. I guess I was expecting to see the babies first.. then after doing this for 4 times I suddenly noticed James had something on his back... duh !!! thanks again.. Jacintha
  2. Spell Casting Basics: From: Badler I just recently got return to krondor and it is awesome!! only problem is i don't understand all of it... one of my problems is that, when i try to cast a spell with jazhara the option is not highlighted... i don't know what to do... my spell casting is maxed so i have no idea whats wrong... if you could tell me i would appreciate it and the e-mail is thanks ANS: Check out pages 18 and 19 in the manual and see if that helps. If not get back to me.
  3. Second Black Pearl Temple Door Puzzle: From: Breezy,Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 1999 11:48 AM, Subject: RtK help please Hi Al, I have called the Sierra hint line to solve my latest delema but to no avail. I cannot solve the puzzle for the tomb door inside the temple of the black pearl. The hint line does not mention what to do. All I can find referance to is the first door with the neon lights which I have solved. Any clues you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Telling where or what to do would be even better :-) Thanks Rose ANS:



  1. From: Syed Fahad Hussain Hey saw your walkthru for return to krondor on the net but was unable to get it due to bad connection. It would be a great favour if you can mail it to me along with other cheats for Return to Krondor. Thankx, A RAYMOND E FEIST FAN ANS: np bud. It is on it's way.

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