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Betrayal In Antara Lever Chests

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Lever and Bead Chest Solutions:

    Lever chest solutions:

  1. Light of the Empire, A star fallen from the sky, And reborn = AURORA
  2. Softly glowing gem, your light blinds reason and sparks avarice = TORCHITE.
  3. The pirate Thofaz dared to kiss his captain's favorite wench, the angry captain game him this and left him in a trench = CUTLASS.
  4. Marketplace city, the crossroads of commerce in Pianda = MIDOVA.
  5. Like morn, noon and night, parts of a whole that cannot co-exist = TRIUNE.
  6. The Antaran Empires founder had an eye of sapphire blue, but the other one he looked through matched a gem of another hue = EMERALD.
  7. Ungrateful wretches, unworth the Empire they despise = MEHRAT.
  8. When crushed and mixed with ale, it leaves a foul concoction. Your best chance to prevail, when suffering from a toxin = FIDALI.
  9. Should twixt your ribs an enemy's sharp blade slip. Thank she whose sacrifice brought forth the senwater you sip. = DENNA.
  10. The siege of Poolkeep would have failed if not for them tunneling. = MONTARI.
  11. Stodgy blueblood, imperial emblem, ferocious predator = JAEGER.
  12. If the third man is a hunter and the first one is a smith, ask a child wha the second one should be given as a gift. = GLASS.
  13. A name synanamous with Antara, our light, our sword, our shepherd = VALORIAN.
  14. Road north to Camille on west side: Corrupt assemblage, spending our money, providing no benefit = SHIRA.
  15. In the passes south of the east-west road between Elona and Burlen: Dear Empress: her love for knowledge was matched only by here charm = CORLENE.
  16. Most people have one. The Emperor has at least two. = SHADOWS.
  17. Of all the heros of the Grrrulf War, none loom larger in memory. = MALKERE.
  18. Burlas, emeralds, torchite stones, priceless works of art, I need them not, for you my son, the treasure of my heart = KIRITH.
  19. Sad twisted people born of disaster and shunned by others. = CHUMEN.
  20. In every city, the Emperor maintains his eyes and ears. = CONSUL.
  21. Between Bqakril and Choth southern route: Humans live in houses. Montari live underground. Trkaa don't live in candles, though, despite how it may sound = WICK.
  22. Before Irthinde was known to exist, this plant was thought to be the deadliest = CALDERLEAF
  23. North of Nightridge: The revered guide of each faithful arm following every face = HAND.
  24. Knightsbridge: When thieves planned to rob his town, a crafty smith became a hero with a stolen brew which now bears his name = HALDER.
  25. West of Havestly: Spine of the empire, towering peaks of strength and majesty = HARKUNE.
  26. Grrrlf: wood::Montari: = ONYX.
  27. A travelling foreigner chimmied a lock, chumped a Chaeger, and was caught with stolen chewlry. Where was he bound? = CHAIL.
  28. Shipwreck survivor, Travelled for years to reach the emperor = DEREK.

    Bead-Locked Chest Solutions
    Color code P=Purple, R=Red, Bu=Blue, Y=yellow, Bn=Brown, G=Green, Bk=Black

  1. Ticoro: Need BuGG, Have R;
    Drop R gives GY.
    Drop Y gives BuGG,
  2. Ticoro: Need BuG. Have BuY.
    Drop BY gives RRW.
    Drop W gives RRYG.
    Drop RRY gives BG.
  3. Korus Landing: Have YYRRR. Need YYYRR.
    Drop Y gives YBuRRRBuG.
    Drop G gives YBRRRBWYBn.
    Drop BuY gives YBRRRGWBnBn.
    Drop RY gives BuBuRRGWBnBn.
    Drop BBG gives YRRWBnBn.
    Drop WBnBn gives YYYRR.
  4. South-east of TEAL: Have RGBuWY. Need B. Drop G gives RRBuWYWY. Drop BuW gives RRRGYWY. Drop G gives RRRRYWYWY. Drop RRRR gives OYWYWY. Drop OYYW gives BWY. Drop BWY gives Bk.
  5. Northwest of Elona: Colors are bleached, need color key: skull = yellow, bottle = red, book = green, bulb = blue. Need RG. Have BuY. Drop Y gives BuBuRG. Drop BuR give BuGG. Drop BuG gives RG.
  6. South of Isten. Have WGGR. Need WGY. Drop RG gives YYGGBuBu, Drop RBu gives YGBuBuWW. Drop YGBu gives RRBuWW. Drop RBu gives RGGWW. Drop RGW gives YGW.
  7. South of Isten. Have YWWG. Need GGWYR. Drop RW gives YGGGB. Drop YBu gives GGGWW. Drop GW gives RYGGBuBuW. Drop RGBuW gives YYGBu. Drop YBu gives YGWW.
  8. Chest found just SW of Isten. Need PPP, Have BuY, Drop Y gives BuGP, Drop Bu gives RBuGPRP, Drop GR gives RBuYPP, Drop RBuY gives PPP.
  9. West if Durst: Have RWBu. Need RWWWBu. Drop RB give WWOOG. Drop GO give WWGRY, Drop WR give WGOYYY. Drop YY give WGOYWGB. Drop GO give WRYYWGB. Drop BW gives WRYGOYG. Drop YYG give WRGYGRW. Drop RG give WRWYOWW. Drop RY gives WOWGOWW. Drop WOOG gives RWWWB.
  10. Ticoro Swamp: Have RYG. Need BuBuYG. Drop R give YYGWWW. Drop YYW give RGBuWW. Drop B give RRGGWW. Drop RGW give RYGBuW. Drop RGW give YYBuBu. Drop YBuBu gives YG. Drop Y give RGGBuW. Drop RGW gives YGBuBu.
  11. Keth: Have GGOO. Need R. Drop O get GGOYYP. Drop GY get GWOBuYBkP. Drop GOBk get WWPBuYP. Drop PG get WBkPYYBkY. Drop BkYYP get WOYBk. Drop WOYBk get R.
  12. Nathby: Have GG. Need GGY. Drop G get GBkWWBu. Drop Bk get GRRWWBuBu. Drop GBuBu get BkRRWWW. Drop R get BkRWWWWWYY. Drop WWRY get BkBuWWGY. Drop BkWWBu get GGY.
  13. Havesly: Have BuBuWW. Need RRO. Drop Bu get BuRWWW. Drop BuR get YOWWW. Drop OW get YGYWW. Drop YY get OGRWWR. Drop WR get OGRWBu. Drop BuWG get RRO.
  14. Have RRRRR. Need YYYYY. Drop R. Drop RRR. Drop BuBuYG. Drop GW. Drop RWW. Drop BuRG. Get YYYYY.
  15. Due north of Durst in the small waste area, Kaelyn and Raal rescue Toddy (cpt 5) and in the curl due north of that is a chest: Need RRGG, Start with BBYY, Drop BY and BY again, Now drop RR and WW. Now drop YP. Next drop OW.

Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links


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  1. There are no cheats yet since the game has a compressed save game file, which is the same as encription for most people. Suggestions are to use the Game Guru or the Universal Game Editor (UGE), Robert Harper
  2. From: Jeff LevinsonTo get the screen shots of Betrayal in Antara, I used a program called Hyper Snap DX which I downloaded from in one of the sections (I don't remember which one.) It installs itself and is a piece of cake to use. Jeff.
  3. Robert Harper is interested in getting a Betrayal In Antara Trainer, Save Game Editor or Cheat Codes to make the game less running around and more plot.
  4. Thanks to "NL" Greenfrogs, Tammy Paulson, and Lisafor some of the solutions.
  5. Subject: #7 Bead-lock chest code
    Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 15:46:20 -0600
    From: Don Blanton>
    #& Bead-lock chest code (South of Isten) is incorrect. It assumes a combination that doesn't exist.

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