Trespasser Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Trespasser Walkthrough



  1. Introduction
  2. Area 1:Beach
  3. Area 2: Monorail
  4. Area 3: Canyon
  5. Area 4: The Town
  6. Area 5: The Lab (Part A)
  7. Area 5: The Lab (Part B)
  8. Area 6: The Forest
  9. Area 7: The Mountain
  10. Area 8: The Summit
  11. Trespasser Cheats
  12. References
  13. Letters


Some important things to keep in mind as you're reading through this:

Area 1:Beach

Area 2: Monorail

Area 3: Canyon

Area 4: The Town

Entering the Town

  • You start at the North end of the town, facing Southward, outside the town's main North gate. There is a large pink building visible above the town wall. You will discover later that this house is the mansion of John Hammond himself.
  • Head to the left of the main gate, where a sign identifies the town as "Burroughs". Enter the doorway to the left of the sign. Grab the two pistols (tuck one into your belt), and ignore the security door. The combination is the numbers (yes they are numbers) on the wall, backwards and upside down. You can enter this way if you want.
  • Continue heading along the wall in an Eastward direction (remember, you started the level North of the town facing Southward, so East is to the left if you're facing the wall). You'll come upon a drain pipe protruding through the wall. You can walk into the town through this pipe. Boy, that security door and the locked gate sure must have made the inhabitants feel safe. Save the game just before entering the pipe.
  • Drop the red Raptor that's waiting for you on the other side of the pipe.
  • A quick note about weapon usage: At the beginning of this level, and in some other levels later in the game, ammo is scarce. You need to learn how to conserve ammo and to make every shot count. You can start learning right now by dropping this Raptor with as few shots as possible. Do it by aiming the gun carefully so that the sights line up correctly, and then shooting the Raptor precisely in the head without missing. The Raptors will die quite easily if you make perfect head shots. Keep re-loading the game and coming through the pipe until you can reliably drop the Raptor with just a few head shots.
  • Inside the wall now, head left (East again) to find the town's East gate. Note the purple key lock on this gate. This gate is your final destination in this town, and obtaining the purple key card to open it is your primary task while you're here. It's going to take a bit of work.

    Pest Control

  • Follow the road Westward from the East gate toward the town. You'll come upon a wrecked bus near a small white house. There's a shotgun inside the house, but don't pick it up yet. You should still have a full pistol in your belt, and a few shots left in the pistol that's in your hand. Move a little farther down the road towards the town with your pistol ready...
  • An orange Raptor awaits you. If you're good and you've conserved your ammo, you should be able to drop this one with the remaining ammo in your first pistol. Drop the empty gun, go back to the house by the bus, and nab the Shotgun. You're now packing a full pistol and a full Shotgun. Save the Game and keep heading Westward into town.
  • Two more Raptors await you as you approach the first street intersection. Careful aim with the pistol is required so that you can effectively use its ammo at long range before you're forced to switch to the shotgun for the close-range Raptor attacks. If you're lucky, you can do most of the work with the pistol, and will only have to use one or two shotgun shells.
  • Near Hammond's house (the big pink one), there is a small white house with a picket fence and a gate. There's an automatic rifle inside. You should be carrying a full rifle and a nearly-full shotgun now. Save the Game.
  • Shoot a few hoops at the basketball court across the street. Remember to pick up your rifle again when you're done.
  • Head for the church, to the West. The park in front of the church has a statue of the town's namesake: "E.R. Burroughs". The town is named after Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author who wrote many classic adventure stories.
  • Use the automatic rifle to drop the red Raptor that awaits you on the south side of the church, save the game, drop the rifle at the door, and head inside.
  • A note about navigating inside buildings: If you go into a building with a weapon dangling in front of your face, you will tend to drop the weapon a lot. For the duration of this level, all indoor areas are vermin-free, so you're safe to drop your weapons at the door. This makes indoor navigation easier. Items in your belt are not susceptible to loss, so you can safely keep one item tucked away when navigating indoors.
  • Inside the church is a blue keycard on a desk. This keycard is supposed to get you into the security room in the command center, but you don't need it. Later, I'll get you into the security room through an alternative entrance. For now, it's better to have both inventory slots available for weapons. Head upstairs and snag the kickass tranquilizer gun. You should now be carrying a nearly-full shotgun and the tranq at this point. Head out the front door, make sure you didn't lose your weapons in the church, and Save the game.
  • Head directly South from the church, keeping to the West and following the street that the church was on. Don't cut across the center of the town, it will help to avoid extra confrontations. As you approach the command center, a red Raptor will take an interest in you. Tranq that dino! Aiming the tranquilizer gun is difficult, but with practice (and a few reloads of a saved game), you should be able to tranq the Raptor with one or two shots. He will freeze in his tracks. But beware! The tranquilizer will wear off. So head on up to the Raptor and finish him off with the shotgun before he sobers up. There's something quite perversely satisfying about coming up to the Raptor point-blank and euthanizing him like that.

    Area 5: The Lab (Part A)

    Area 5: The Lab (Part 1) by Brad Blanchard.

  • You start out on a road, just inside a gate. This is the first area with redwood trees, so enjoy it now because its not that beautiful when a velociraptor is chewing on your head.
  • You might be hearing ferocious growls and roars, donít worry itís just a Tyrannosaur. If you look to your left you will see a supply case with a rifle and a Desert Eagle .44 Pistol. Pick them up, you will need them.
  • Now that you are sufficiently armed continue down the road toward the menacing growls you heard before. After walking about 20ft. you will notice the Tyrannosaurus Rex standing over a downed Triceratops (lunch time!). Continue down the road (I urge you strongly to not shoot at the Rex, for he weighs about 8 tons more than you do and his teeth are slightly larger). Continue walking until he notices you, at this point I recommend moving away from the dino. He wonít kill you if you stay away from his food, he wants to eat in privacy.
  • You soon come to a large fence and a broken down tour bus. Walk inside the bus and move toward the back. On the floor you will find a silenced MP5 looking automatic weapon. Drop one of the guns you are currently carrying and pick up the automatic weapon. It may come in handy later on. Ok, now exit the bus and take a left toward the gate. If you look closely at the key-reader you will notice that it is broken. Next to the key-reader is a supply case with an automatic pistol in it.
  • Walk around to the front of the bus and you will find a key pad and the numbers 1018 on the back of a sign. This is the password to the gate, but like most passwords in Trespasser, itís backwards. Enter 8101 into the key pad. With a little beep the gate will begin to open. You now have access to the docks.
  • As you walk down the road notice the gate to your right. You need the infamous greed key card to get to the other side. Continue walking down the toward the little white building next to a bunch of empty fuel drums. As you approach the building you will hears snarels and snorts of a few curious Forest Velociraptors. Next to the building you will find a white key card, use it to open the door and go inside. Inside there is a Mac 10 automatic machine gun (the Mac 10 and silenced automatic weapon are a very good combination against Velociraptors). Exit the building and go around the corner to your right. Behind the barrels there is a "Muldoon" type shotgun, take note of this for future Velociraptor encounters. Now that you have two fully automatic weapons, feel free to go postal on the Velociraptors, they just get in your way later on.
  • As you walk past the cargo crates, notice the "Atlantic" crate propped up against another crate. Walk across the pavement toward the road leading toward a big gray building. There will be a Velociraptor that runs toward you from a white building to your right, show him how you feel about him and pump him full of lead. Next walk toward the white building. The doors are locked, but just push (or shoot) your way through the bars in the window. Once inside the building, you will see that there are some crates to your right and two doors to your left. The door to your far left is locked so take the other door. Your now in a bathroom, grab the yellow key card, which is on top of the toilet. Over by the crates there is another silenced automatic weapon, if your low on ammo I recommend getting it. Exit through the window. Outside turn right and head toward the big gray building made of center block. Use the yellow key card to get in.
  • Once inside take a right at the front desk and climb the stairs. By now you have probably heard weird noises. These are from the Tyrannosaur out side, behind the building. At the hallway at the top of the stairs head left and go into the second door you see. In the room on a white board the letters read: "David - card is in the Atlantic, good luck". Hmm, Atlantic, sound familiar? Itís the giant metal cargo thing propped up against another crate outside.
  • Leave the building and head to the small white key card building. At about this time a hidden Velociraptor will attack you from behind, kill it. After the Velociraptor "kicks the bucket" shoot at the trailer next to the white building. You want to shoot at it in a way that when itís done moving it will lay next to the white building.
  • If the trailer thing works, and it does land next to the building, climb up the crates next to the building, then onto the trailer, and then onto the roof of the white building. If you didnít do it right, grab a small crate. Instead of using the trailer as a step, use the crate. Place it on the top of the crates in a way that you will be able to get on the roof. Save our game. Now the hard part, look toward the ocean. Notice how the overhang, bus and board make a nice little pathway to the cargo crates. Jump onto the overhang, then to the bus. Save your game. Run down the board and jump to the second cargo crate at the last possible second before you fall off the board. If you successfully made it to the second crate, jump onto the third crate (onto the panel, but be quick the panel will fall). Climb inside the Atlantic. At the bottom in the water is the green key card.
  • Exit the cargo crate and lower yourself to the ground. Head on over to the green key card gate. Use the green key card and head on up the hill toward the lab.

    Area 5: The Lab (Part B)

    Area 6: The Forest

    Area 7: The Mountain

    Area 8: The Summit

    Area 8: The Summit by Evilyam.

  • Introduction This level is swarming with Velociraptors (Mountain), and they're exceptionally hungry. Your best hope is getting them to fall off cliffs or stumble and give you a chance to escape, since ammo is painfully scare. You start out on the elevator from the last level. You need to signal a rescue helicopter and make it to the landing pad at the top of the mountain. The first problem facing you is 3 raptors in the area where you start out.
  • Big Trouble You have two options: Fight it out with the raptors (my choice), or make a break for it. If you choose the latter, skip to the next section and hope you get a good head start! If you choose to fight, you need lots of luck. First, run forward to a Desert Eagle pistol and a Benneli shotgun. Use the shotgun on the first raptor you see, using as many shells as it takes to kill him. If there's some distance between you and the next raptors, pull out the pistol and shoot them before they get too close. You can run back to the elevator and try to lure them off, or just smack them around with the empty guns. Now that you're alone, discard the two worthless irons and run to the center of all the windmills. On the left is a box with a Mac-10 submachine gun, and on the right is a Calico MP50 machine pistol.

    Moving on up

  • Run to the back of this area, where there are two buildings. Behind the one on the left there are two dumpsters. Jump on these to get onto the roof. Walk onto the section of roof between the buildings and then onto the roof of the second building. Drop in there through the open skylight. Hit the big red button on the wall marked 'Activate Beacon' and celebrate your finding a working radio. After your little conversation with the Navy is over, run out the door and make your way to the first stairway. You may also consider a trip to the other building to pick up a Belle' shotgun, if you prefer that to one of the handguns.

    Long Climb

  • Two raptors await you on the first mountain stretch. Kill the first one as quickly as possible, and run to the next set of stairs to avoid the other one. Pick up the Belle' on the landing. At the top of these stairs is a very excited raptor. Hopefully, he'll get too eager and fall over the edge he's perched on. Another raptor will approach you from a hill ahead of you. You can probably get past him without shooting, but if he gives you trouble, kill or discourage him with the MP50. Climb up the next set of stairs and grab the shotgun at the top. Head over to the left and confront a raptor then turn to the right to find another one guarding a Redhawk revolver.
  • As you continue on your way, you'll get to a short bridge where two raptors will pounce on you. An interesting strategy for this part is to fall off the bridge into a small space below. The raptors will do likewise.
  • Swing your shotgun around to push them onto the face of the mountain. While they're falling, run down and towards the first stairway. Follow the same path as before to get back to where you were, evading any raptors you hadn't killed on your first advance. Passed the bridge, climb the hill on the left to find a Mac-10. Walk down the stairs and get onto the metal walkway. Follow it up to the top.
  • The Final Confrontation Up here, you will meet two final raptors and a giant Łber-raptor, not to mention a deadly electric fence with the juice still running.
  • Luckily, if you've been careful with your ammo, you have quite an arsenal at your disposal.
  • Drop your revolver back on the metal walkway, being careful not to let it fall over the edge, and walk up to the main area. Pick up the H&K 91 rifle and Belle' shotgun, and drop them both onto the walkway also. Now you need to get the dinos to come out of hiding. Run along the right edge of the area to the far end, pick up the MP5 submachine gun and run back through the center towards the metal walkway. There's also a Desert Eagle pistol next to the big crates, but you don't really have time to pick it up. The dinos should be alerted to your presence by now.
  • Two will come from the right edge (now on your left) and one in front of you. Kill the raptor in front of you, while still running, using about half your MP5 clip. Jump back onto the metal walkway, run around the first corner and taunt the two remaining raptors a little. The small one will hopefully get too excited and try to jump the gap, missing horribly and falling to his grisly death. Kill the big guy with the whatever you've stockpiled on the walkway.

    Let's Blow this Popsicle Stand!

  • Now that that's taken care of, throw 3 small crates near the other big ones. Position two of them in a row and stack the third one on top, making a staircase. Jump off these crates on the big one, then jump to the one on your left, then the tallest one. If you're hurt at all, give yourself a chance to recuperate, then fall down to the ground through the hole in the fence.
  • Run down the stairs, and carefully run over the walkway (you wouldn't want to fall after all that!) onto the helicopter pad. Revel in the sound of a helicopter rescuing you, then you're done!


    Sinjin's Trespasser Walkthrough Sinjin's Trespasser Walkthrough


    1. From Al de LeonIīm stuck playing trespasser. Iīm in town loevel 4 and canīt find the white key...can you help me with it? I would realy apreciate your help...thanks.Al de Leon. ANS: If you haven't already visited them, the Barracks to the right and the Gas Station and Restaurant directly ahead of you all contain weapons and a few Raptors lurking around corners. Explore as much as you want (or need to) but make sure you end up at Dr. Wu's. Once you are inside Dr. Wu's house you should find a RED KEYCARD in the kitchen. A Redhawk is upstairs on a shelf if you need another weapon, otherwise head for the big house across the street. Once inside the wall, head to the backyard and look for a triangle shaped rock near the back corner of the yard. Behind the rock is a WHITE KEYCARD.

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