Of Interest To Producers And Publishers Of Software And Hardware

Dr. Alfred C. Giovetti, CPA, Writer, Editor, TV Host, Producer, and Lecturer, 1615 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228-5022, phone: 410-747-0396, fax: 410-747-6357, alfred@giovetti.com

To producers and publishers of software and hardware.

The Computer Television Show needs to have release dates of significant products and press materials for those products.

Please confirm the expected release dates of your products.

"The Computer Show" and "Super Software and CD-ROMs" will need the following information to do the art and editorial concerning the Giovetti and Giovetti products and personalities.

- If there is a personal interview, the full name and title of the person interviewed and if a voice actor, the part they play in the product.
- The full name of the product as you would like it to appear on air
- The full name of your company as you would like it to appear on air
-A copy of the program (Winodows 95 format preferred) for both locations (Maryland and Florida), if applicable.
- Any Betacam SP tape based b-roll on the product, promotion, or trailer.
- Demonstration tapes, save files, hex editing instructions, save files, clue books, hints, tips, cheats, and other information as applicable to the product.

Please SEND two copies of products, reviewable beta copies of software, press releases, company backgrounder, screen shots, Betacam SP, and VHS video should be addressed to Al Giovetti, 1615 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228-5022, phone: 410-747-0396.

Please SEND one additional copy of the software for production purposes, screen shots, Beta SP video to our address above.

Please notify us if anyone contacts you on our behalf.

Thank you.

Dr. Alfred C. Giovetti, CPA
Editor, Writer, TV Host, & Lecturer