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By Al Giovetti
Genre:Fantasy Role-Playing
Developer: New World Computing
Lead Artist:
Publisher: 3DO Company

Might and Magic VI The Mandate of Heaven


Company Line

The 3DO Company today announced the sixth sequel to the hottest role playing game in the business, Might and Magic. Might and Magic VI The Mandate of Heaven, from the same developers that brought the PC gaming world Might and Magic I through V, takes role playing to the next level combining unique first person movement with both real-time and classic turn-based play.

Might and Magic VI introduces an entirely new world of fantasy role playing with multiple characters, customizable combat and free form non-player character (NPC) interactions. With stunning new technology, a real world environment and multiple re-playable dungeons, The Mandate of Heaven takes an old genre into a new generation.

"Classic role playing on the PC lives on in an industry where new technologies and hi-powered computers reign. Taking the genre to the next level combining the latest in 3-D graphics with the rich story line Might and Magic is known for, this sequel will delight gamers everywhere," said John Van Caneghem, President, New World Computing.

Players lead a band of adventurers as they explore a medieval world rife with intrigue and deceit. An integral time clock within the world enables multiple plots and story lines to unfold simultaneously. There are dozens of NPCs to encounter, monsters to engage, and hundreds of quests to pursue. Might and Magic VI is a living world that will progress on its own, even if the player does nothing.

The Mandate of Heaven introduces two variations of its own real time high color engine technology: The Labyrinth and Horizon true 3-D smooth scrolling engines. Players will brave the depths of the deepest dungeons when they enter the realm of the Labyrinth. Stunningly beautiful castles, caves and warrens immerse players through point light sourcing, and true 3-D rendered sprights portraying a realistic environment in an indoor setting. Outside offers 360 degrees of freedom with the Horizon engine, allowing players to explore the countryside with omni-directional movement, including vertical (flight!).

The Story

Since the mysterious disappearance of Good King Roland, the dynasty of child Prince Nicolai Ironfist I totters on the brink of ruin. Calamities, natural and otherwise, wreak havoc while the high council debates policy endlessly, unable to cope with the impending disaster. A doomsday cult has formed, pointing to the disappearance of Roland, the floods, the earthquakes, and an invasion of demons from the sky as evidence that the end of the world draws nigh. The people have begun to whisper that the Ironfists have lost the Mandate of Heaven -- the divine right to rule. Can you put right what is wrong, or will Ironfist lose its grip?

The Might and Magic series has been a crowd-pleaser since it was first published in 1986 and since then has sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide. Critically acclaimed, having won the title Computer Role Playing Game of the Year many times over, Might and Magic VI is a highly anticipated sequel that promises to live up to its predecessors. Look for Might and Magic VI The Mandate of Heaven at retail this fall and embark on a journey limited only by one's imagination.

This release contains forward looking statements. The forward looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. Potential risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, market demand and acceptance for the company's current and future software products, the company's ability to develop and ship future products, and the consequences of competitive factors in the marketplace. Further information on potential factors which could affect these forward looking statements and the company's financial results are included in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the company's Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended March 31, 1996 and the company's Reports on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarters ended September 30, 1996 and December 30, 1996.

New World Computing, a division of The 3DO Company, is a worldwide designer, developer and publisher of entertainment software. Founded in 1984, New World Computing is renowned for its technologically advanced products, offering the highest level of graphics and audio presentation to enhance the gaming experience.

The 3DO Company (NASDAQ:THDO) is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif. The company creates and publishes advanced entertainment software titles for personal computers, the Internet and 32-bit and 64-bit video game platforms. For more information, go to the 3DO website at www.3do.com . *

Game Play

A disturbing aspect of the game is an inclusion of the time clock and concept of "acting while the iron is hot." Many clues will be time dependent and if a dungeon has a certain monster infestation, if you wait too long, another adventuring party may clear the dungeon out for you and your character will be denied the experience and artifacts. While the increased realism is laudable, it is not going to be much fun running around the map helter skelter only to find all the adventuring areas cleared by some nebulous group of computer based intelligences that are competing with you for treasure and adventure.

Human heroes that play the game for their own fantasy enjoyment are not going to enjoy competing with these computer intelligences. Just wait until the first series of adventurers find the next half dozen adventures already completed and to top it off also find that the game can no longer be successfully completed due to some mistake in timing. The games will come flooding back to the store with their owners demanding their money back.

Game players want to experience the game in full, to explore every nook and crannie. Most will be offended and a little upset to find that they cannot just take their time and methodically clear the land of encounters. One of the most onerous things is to race the clock or to compete with a computer based intelligence that you cannot see, much less engage.


The new plot involves the town of Sorpigal, remember the name from the first Might and Magic of 1986 produced by Jon Van Caneghem and Mark Caldwell. This represents a series of games that has galvanized a generation of gamers. Now a new generation is emerging and Might and Magic VI will be there.

A dragon is smashed from the sky by a mighty meteor. Out of the firey remains of the meteor storm deamons who destroy the town. Four young boys are off in the woods see the destruction and run from the deamons. A magical hand snatches the four out of harms way. Later the boys grow up and wish to return to their town named Sorpigal.

Confusion arises from the use of the Heroes of Might and Magic II, a strategy game, story line in the Might and Magic VI, a fantasy role playing game, story. This confusion has extended to many of our readers who want to know why Heroes of Might and magic skipped right to a sixth installment, ignoring 3, 4 and 5th versions of the game.

King Roland Ironfist from the Heroes of Might and Magic II plot has defeated his brother, Archibald. Lord Kilburn, who is one of Rolands trusted rangers, has been killed in the north. Rumors persist that devils have taken over the north country. Roland has ventured to the north to meet the threat leaving his son, Nicolai and his regent, Wilbur Humphrey, a paladin, to rule in his stead. The Mandate of Heaven arises out of the divine right to rule doctrine, which this game also questions within the plot. Roland disappears and the disappearance must be investigated.



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Cincy Yans, Computer Games, issue number 84, November, 1997, pgs. 40-50.


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