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PRESS RELEASE, December 05, 1997

The Computer Show will be attending Winter CES in Las Vegas filming and gathering information at the Consumer Electronics Show. Be sure to check out the party report from Al Giovetti on our web site.

Those filmed on the computer show will be asked to sign a release so that their segment can appear on the air. Please download the release and sign it from our site at http://www.charm.net/~wizards/computershow/press/releaseform.htm

"The Computer Show" and "Super Software and CD-ROMs" are weekly news and entertainment broadcast and cable television shows devoted totally to computers. The show features Giovetti and Giovetti and Giovetti, as well as computer industry and entertainment personalities. The show airs weekly in Palm Beach on WINQ broadcast channel19, and in central Texas from Metro Cable in Dallas. WINQ TV is seen in over 460,000 homes with over 1.4 million potential viewers and Metro Cable has 2 million homes as subscribers or almost 7 million viewers.

The Computer Show is on internet television at WINQ Television ( http://www.w3d.net and ISPTV via Digex (isptv.digex.net) at 7:30 PM EST, Monday and also at the Cyber Cafe. You will need CUSeeMe to view the quarter screen broadcast on ISPTV. The broadcast on ISPTV is via Xing Streamworks and can be quarter sccreen to full screen. If you hook up a digital to analog signal converter from your video board to your television set, you can watch full screen in the resolution normally seen for regular television programming on both shows.

The show started filming in the FALL of 1995 and has been quite popular. Our programming goes out by cable or broadcast on the 120 channel cable network in the United States and Europe. Programming is reformatted for use in other programs, such as educational format for the Parent Academy Network in Dallas, New York, Newark, Baltimore, Guam, and South Carolina.

Since the product will be reviewed on a television show and will be used for a cable guide insert of reviews and news stories, and internet, we will need both broadcast quality video (Betacam SP) for production, at least two copies of the product (one review and one production), VHS video for review, press releases, official guides, copies of published articles, box art, and screen shots.

Contact concerning the show should be addressed to Al Giovetti at the address above or to Sergio Bosco, Producer, 1313 Valwood Parkway, Suite 370, Carrollton, TX 75006, phone: 214-241-6454, fax: 214-241-6678.

Please SEND one copy of the product for review purposes, press releases, company backgrounder, official guides, books, copies of published articles, Betacam SP video, and SVHS video should be sent to Al Giovetti, 1615 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228-5022, phone: 410-747-0396, fax: 410-747-6357.

Please SEND one additional copy of the software for production purposes, screen shots, audio files, b-roll on BetacamSP video to Al Giovetti, 1615 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228-5022, phone 410-747-0396, fax: 410-747-6357.

Standard 90-day return policy on hardware, with standard editorial discount or hardware purchases only (Does not apply to software or inexpensive hardware).

Thank you.


Dr. Alfred C. Giovetti, CPA
Editor, Writer, TV Host, & Lecturer
Information about Winter CES in Las Vegas can be determined by contacting Electronic Industry Association (EIA) represetative Amy Kozlowski Hill at 703-907-7618 or email amyh@eia.org or their website at www.CESweb.org? (You can also register through the site.).

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