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The Computer Show

"The Computer Show" is a high energy news and interview show about computer hardware and software. Angled toward the uninformed and uninitiated, the show will also appeal to the sophisticated with insightful comments about products and issues facing the computer industry.

The show takes place mostly in the field with the television show visiting various computer companies and Computer Shows and interviewing their executives and producers about their products. Some of the companies and executives interviewed include Andy Grove, President of Intel Corporation, Major Wild Bill Stealey, President of Interactive Magic and Past President of Microprose, various officials in Microsoft, Activision, Westwood, Blizzard, Toshiba, Apple Computers, Corel, and dozens of others.

The format of the show is a one-half hour time spot, with interviews lasting from 3 to 5 minutes and interlaced with cuts from the animated action of actual, software games and pictures of the products. The show content runs for approximately 24 minutes leaving 6 minutes open for commercials. A 3 to 5 minute news and commentary section of the program highlights new products and upcoming products.

Show segments will include hardware focus, business software, utilities, games, and other segments. Six to nine minutes of showtime will be devoted to games, while three to six minutes will be devoted to hardware. Three to six minutes will be a news spot and the remaining six to nine minutes will be devoted to newsworthy products of any kind. An additional segment of 3 minutes will be devoted to software for children, both educational and entertainment software and the recommended age ranges.

Using "the bambi principle", the show will focus in on the really great products, ignoring products that are really not worth the viewer's time. This will give us products that we can get excited about and recommend to the viewer. It saves the time that would have been wasted talking about software that you really should not buy.

The television show and the web site could cross promote each other. The web site at www.thecomputershow.com has had over 260,000 hits since 6/19/97. The web site is now showing a minimum of 3,000 hits daily and will show a minimum of one million hits for the 1998 calendar year. We project 3 million hits for 1998. Demographic data indicating the most popular pages will soon be available.

One notable intervewer on the show is Al Giovetti, who was nominated for the coveted Computer Press Award for his article on Lotus 1-2-3 in Computerworld. Al has been a contributor or editor to Business Week, Compute Magazine, Computer Life, Computer Gaming World, Kids and Computers, and others for a total of over 2,500 articles in over three dozen publications for the last 27 years.

The computer show has been in production since November of 1995, with a total of 36 shows produced. We are planning to reformat the show with newer and more exciting sets and equipment that will allow for video streaming. The show has been broadcast on WINQ Channel 19 in West Palm Beach, Florida (www.dfnl.com) and ISPTV (www.digex.net), in broadcast, cable and intenet delivery channels.

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