The Computer Show is Running on Internet Televsion

November 12, 1996 - Catonsville, Maryland. The Computer Show is on internet television every Monday night at 7:30 PM EST. Digex has picked up the computer show for internet broadcast on their ISP (Internet Service Provider) Television. This is The Computer Show's second web broadcast, as they are also on the Cyber Cafe web broadcast site in California. Al Giovetti, nominated for a Computer Press Award in 1994, interviews industry luminaries about their views and upcoming products, including Andy Grove of Intel, Bill Roper of Blizzard and others.

The half hour show represents the editing of over 70 hours of video shot on location at the companies of the world’s most respected software companies or at trade shows, including COMDEX, Software Publishers, Association, Electronic Entertainment Expo, Consumer Electronics Show, Judgement Day, Activision, Interactive Magic, Microsoft, Origin Systems, and many others.

You can see the show by going to the or site on the Internet and downloading the CUSEEME software. The station has over 12 reflectors world wide giving the show international market penetration. The seeucme software is easy to install and use in your Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer browsers.

The display has normal television level of picture acuity, with 250 by 200 lines maximum screen resolution. Changing your windows display may give full screen watching. But normally only quarter screen pictures at 15 to 30 frames per second are seen.

We fully expect this delivery medium to expand with the expanding band width and technology and fully intend to have our own video servers up within the next year. Internet television will be the next expansion of video presentation and when combined with convergence and the speed of development of processor speed and capacity will supplement broadcast and cable television in every household.

The Computer Show has been in production for 15 months and on the air for nine months on WINQ TV Channel 19 in West Palm Beach and other locations in the United States and Europe. The Computer Show is reformatted for the Parent Academy Television Network and other distribution to industry and public outlets. Al Giovetti who is the host of the show is a well known writer and editor in the computer field for over 15 years, with over 2500 published articles to his credit.

Contact Al Giovetti at for more details.