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Ultima VI: The False Prophet Hints

    Ultima VI: The False Prophet

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    ///                Ultima VI: The False Prophet              ///
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    ///                   Hints by the Bushido                   ///
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    You have nothing but your ankh and the moonstone when you arrive in Britiannia. So where do you get equipment?

    1) Your room

    You room is to the south of Lord British's, which is in the west wing. You'll find some armor, a sword, provisions, and a spell book and other things. TAKE IT ALL. Lord British told you could have anything in the castle...take him up on that.

    2) Nystul's Room

    If you question the jester, he'll tell you he has a clue for you, and that you should search the chest in Nystul's room. Nystul's room is to the south of yours. Search the chest and you'll find a wand and some other things. Take them.

    3) The Potion Factory

    South of Nystul's room you'll find a room with a ladder, slightly east of that you'll see a bunch of potions. Get the potions. They do the following:

    1. Yellow -- Yellow will cure damage, similar to a great heal spell, but it won't cure poison.
    2. Red -- This potion is similar to the dispel magicspell and cures poison.
    3. Purple -- This potion creates a red aura, similar to a protect spell...what exactly a protect spell does. I know if you're poisoned and you drink the potion you'll stop losing health points but after that...who knows.
    4. Blue -- I can't figure what this one does but it isn't etrimental.
    5. Green -- Poison, don't drink this unless you are fully prepared with a dispel magic or a red potion.
    6. White -- This is functionally equivalent to the X-ray spell, allowing you to see through walls for a hort time...but you can't move while you do this.
    7. Black -- This is the same as the invisibility spell, rendering you undetectable to foes.
    8. Orange -- Upon imbibing this, your character will fall into a deep sleep. Don't use this one while foes are near!

    4) The Sewers

    If you go down the ladder in Nystul's room, you find the sewers. If you look around the sewers, to the northwest, you'll find another ladder going down into a dungeon. Down there you'll find all sorts of nasties to fight and lots of treasure too. This is a great place to find equipment and gold and experience.

    Don't overlook this simple way to make money: When you kill trolls and headlesses, make sure you take any of the following items: Swords, leather armor, plate mail, bows, and spears. You can sell them to the armorer in Britiannia (spears are worth 10 g.p. each).

    5) Other

    Once, you've explored the above, you'll be ready to tackle the outside world. Good luck in your travels and remember to always ask a person's name and job!


    So, you've noticed that your spellbook is far from complete.  Just
    look at all those neat spells in the manual that aren't in your
    book.  How do you get them?  Easy, you buy them!  Where?
    1)   Cove
         Cove is the east of the Shrine of Compassion (which is east of
         Britiannia).  In the northeastern corner of Cove, you'll find
         a mage who will sell SPELLS, REAGENTS, and BOOKS if you ask
         him about them.
    2)   Xaio
         Xaio lives on the Isle of the Avatar, just follow the east
         path from the Library.  She will sell SPELLS and REAGENTS if
         you ask her about them.  Also, behind the magically locked
         door in her bedroom, you'll find the entrance to the
    3)   Nicodemus
         Nicodemus lives east of Yew.  Follow the path east until you
         find a skiff.  Take the skiff south until the lake branches
         off into two sections.  Follow the eastern branch and you'll
         see a building.  Exit the skiff and walk around to the front
         door.  It's magically locked.  If you haven't bought a magic
         unlock spell you'll have to do as follows:  stand by the
         window and hit space bar (Pass) until you see him come out of
         his room (only two times the whole day).  As soon as you see
         him, TALK to him.  He'll sell you SPELLS (including magic
         unlock), REAGENTS, and STAFVES if you ask him.
         Note: The stafves are worth the price if you can cast the
         Enchant spell, otherwise hold off on it.  You can store up to
         ten spells in the staff at a time, and invoke the spells at
         any time by USING the staff.  I have two stafves, one with ten
         GREAT HEAL's (that way, I don't have to use valuable spell
         points during combat and dungeoneering) and another staff with
         EXPLOSION (a nice offensive spell).  And anyone can USE the
         staff once you've charged it.  So you could conceivably have
         four or five people using stafves that invoked EXPLOSION or
         KILL spells.
    4)   Skara Brae
         In case you haven't noticed, the previous mages sell only
         defensive and utility spells -- no offensive spells.  You can
         only poison so many people before it gets old. Well, no need.
         Go to Skara Brae, find the docks to the northwest.  Take the
         skiff north to the larger island where you'll see a bunch of
         bats.  Kill the bats and go inside the house.
         TALK to the mage.  Despite his riddles, he'll sell you SPELLS,
         REAGENTS and BOOKS if you ask him.  Incidentally, he is the
         ONLY source of offensive spells that I have found...except
         Note:  Except for Xaio, Skara Brae is the only source of
         mandrake in Britiannia.  He also has black pearls.
    5)   Wisps
         Every now and then, especially around nicodemus, you'll see
         the wisps.  TALK to them.  Ask them about their SECRET.
         They'll give you a very potent spell...which I haven't found
         a use for...yet.  It's the only offensive spell you can get
         without going to Skara Brae.

    Magical Weapons and Armor

    These monsters are tougher than they were in the last game...or is
    it just your imagination compounded with paranoia, leading into
    delusions of grander?  Anyway, you'll want heavier firepower and
    better armor eventually.  Where can you get it?
    1)   Britiannia
         The armorer in Britiannia has no magical armor of any kind.
         He's great for unloading used equipment, though at half the
         The fletcher can sell you a magic bow which does 20 points of
         damage (for a whooping 300 gold!).  Now give those magic bows
         to two or three members of your party, put them on berserk
         mode, and watch them decimate the enemy.
         That's it for Britiannia.  Nothing else worth mentioning as
         far as armor and weapons go.
    2)   Trinsic
         Brandon, the armorer, is the only person I know who SELLS
         magic armor and magic helms.  You can FIND it in other places
         but you can only BUY it from him.  It'll cost you though.
         Make sure you bring lots of cash because he doesn't accept any
         major credit cards.
         Brandon is also one of the only armorers who will BUY two-
         handed hammers...so make a note for later reference.
    3)   Yew
         The armorer in Yew is the only place I know to BUY swamp
         boots, a form of foot armor that will prevent you from being
         poisoned when you walk across swamp terrain.  They by no means
         confer immunity to poison from creatures though.
         The Yewish armorer will also BUY throwing axes from you should
         you need to unload some.
         NOTE:  Also in Yew, you'll find the druidess Janna's house, if
         you search her chest of drawers, you'll find a STORM CLOAK.
         Take it!  Don't worry, she's a friend of yours and it's not
         You have to take off your armor to wear it but it's worth it
         when you need it.  When being worn it acts like a NEGATE MAGIC
         spell, preventing any magical spells from being cast...this
         includes many spell-like abilities of monsters!  This will all
         but cripple a daemon, a winged-gargoyle, dragons, etc.
         Without their spells...they're sitting ducks (if you have good
         armor).  And one curiosity to bring to your attention, NEGATE
         MAGIC (and the cloak) in no way inhibit the USE of wands,
         rings, or stafves...think about it!
    4)   Serpent's Cove
         This is the only armorer who sells magic shields.  I rarely
         use them, preferring to fight with the larger two-handed
         weapons.  However, should you need one, this is the place to
    5)   Monsters
         If all else fails, there's always the old saying: To the
         victor, goes the spoils.  Go kick some butt and search all the
         bodies afterwards!  You'll find everything from leather helms
         to halberds.  Trolls and headlesses usually carry spears and
         throwing axes, cyclops carry two-handed hammers, winged
         gargoyles can carry just about anything but usually carry two-
         handed swords or bows.  They also carry money and rations
         which you can never have too much of.
    6)   Dungeons
         Search everything and everywhere in dungeons...you can find
         everything from spell reagents to magical armor.  You'll have
         to find the dungeons on your own though...well, okay, I'll
         tell you a few.
         There's a dragon's lair (loots of booty) to the northwest of
         Trinsic, in the mountains.
         There's a cave in the mountains to the west of Jhelom...talk
         to the sailor with the hook for a hand.
         In the Dry Land, the big desert to the east of Britiannia,
         there are ant holes which lead down and down and down...all
         the way to a treasure room where you'll find a bunch of dead
         That's all I'll tell you now.  Can't take all the fun out of
         finding the dungeons.  Just look around mountains and see if
         you can find caves.


    Those gargoyles aren't getting any easier to kill for the four of
    you, so what do you do when you need more than the four of you can
    give?  Why, you ask people to join you.
    1)   Yew
         The druidess Janna will gladly join your party and give you a
         hand.  You'll have to give her some REAL equipment but she's
         a pretty good fighter overall.  Give her a magic bow and put
         her on berserk mode, then she'll really make a difference.
    2)   Buccaneer's Den
         Located off Britiannia Bay, Buccaneer's Cove holds two
         perspective adventurers.  If you're really desperate ask both
         Leonna and the other girl otherwise only ask one of them.
         They both have moderate equipment but you'll still want to get
         them something better eventually.  Don't worry when you ask
         them to LEAVE, they'll give you all your equipment back.
    3)   Minoc
         Julia, the redhead, can be found in Minoc.  She'll gladly join
         your party.  She's a pretty good fighter.  Still, you'll have
         to give her some half-decent weapons.  She's also important to
         your quest, so keep her alive.
    4)   Segallion
         Segallion is a stranger to this world.  If you talk to him,
         he'll tell you his story.  I believe he can be found in New
         Magincia, in a tavern there.  He carries his own weapons and
         armor and has a strength of 28, so he's a good choice as an
         adventuring companion.
    5)   Sherry
         Sherry is the mouse wandering around Lord British's castle,
         she is unique in that she talks.  But first, you need to give
         her some cheese.  She has basically only one function in the
         game.  Don't ask her to join until you find out what that is.


    Let's see, other hints that I can give you. Ah, don't take any wooden nickels. Seriously, try to give your party the best armor you can give them. Use the moonstone to zoom around from place to place, it's the fastest mode of transportation.

    If you're inn a really tough dungeon, turn everyone invisible and just walk through, get the treasure, and get out...I did that in the dragon's lair. Got tons of treasure and killed all sorts of dragons and drakes...and they never saw me coming.

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