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Hale Bopp Contest

One of the most evil aspects of the Evil Kitty is the Hal Bopp comet logo for the mapped menu system used at the top of all our pages.

The Hale Bopp contest involves joining the original cult members and then later calling us from the comet, once you arrive and winning one of our free game packages.

You still have a chance to win if you enter today.

Check out or Site in the Netherlands
Check out The Computer Show Netherlands and let us know how you like it by emailing us.

Bill Shatner Sings
Is Bill a Great Artist? Vote Today and tell us. Send an email.

Listen to the finale of Mr. Tambourine Man again! (43 KB)
King Henry the Fifth inspiring the English troops
Ellegy for the Brave
Theme from Cyrano
Mr. Tambourine Man
A clip from Hamlet
It was a Very Good Year
Romeo and Juliet
How Insensitive (Insesatez)
Wailing in dispair from Spleen
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
The Transformed Man

Leonard "Spock" Nimoy Sings:

From Oliver: Where is Love?
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth
An excerpt from Lost in the Stars
You are not Alone
A Visit to a Sad Planet
An excerpt from Highly Illogical
The entire song: Highly Illogical
A snippet from The Difference Between Us
Once I Smiled
A few wise sayings from Spock Thoughts
By Myself
Follow your Star
Here's the strange Amphibious Assault

A classic song available on Golden Throats: Proud Mary

Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols Sings

An excerpt from Beyond Antares (sound familiar?)
The Theme from Star Trek®
A tribute to Gene
A short sound bite from an interview with Nichelle

Brent "Data" Spiner Sings:

Toot Toot Tootsie
and not on this album...
an excerpt from Sunday in the Park
Lifeforms from Generations

Patrick "Jean Luke Picard" Stewart Sings

A sample from Peter and the Wolf

Scotty sings:

Alrighty then Captain Kirk, its my turn to serenade you with a little song from Scotland.
From Star Trek: The Animated Series episode"The Lorelei Signal" -

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