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Employment with Giovetti and Giovetti Productions will give you an opportunity to be a part of the cutting edge of technology leading into the 21st century. You will be exposed to the latest in innovations and products that the greatest minds in computer gaming, computer business software, and computer hardware will employ.

You will have an opportunity to witnes what we feel is the most exciting area of employment in the world. Every day computers are changing our lives in untold ways. Just a few short years ago Computer Games' revenue exceeded that of Feature Film revenue. Just this year the computer replaced the television as the most favored home appliance.

In a short few years, television programming will be sent along the internet, as will "interactive" distance learning. The major appliances in the home are going to be replaced by one large appliance which will become home manager, stereo, theater, entertainment center, communications center, and many other functions too numerous to mention. And with the development of virtual reality, many people will be able to visit far off places through and interactive link, which will immerse them in a true three dimensional environment. It may not take the 24th century to produce holodeck like experiences on your home computer, that will link the entire world.

Come and be a part of this new and growing industry, and learn about the future.


Giovetti and Giovetti Productions has need of computer writers and journalists familiar with computer games, business and utility software, communications software and hardware. The sucessful applicants will be expected to write articles for use on the computer show, call and interview people in the computer field for news and background, and may be given the opportunity to go to computer trade shows on assignment. The writing will be used for the internet site and the weekly television show.

A background in hard journalism a plus. Only real gamers need appy. Please send samples of your work and a short (25 words) essay on your philosophy as a writer and reviewer. Salary Negotiable.

Videographers and Film Editors

Giovetti and Giovetti productions are looking for dynamic film professionals with creative ideas to help organize and run the film production aspects of their video properties. Ability to use Betacam and Digital video cameras, decks and editing sytems is a must. We are looking for experienced people who also have a background or hobby in the computer area. Computer gaming background as a gamer is a real plus.

Marketing Professional

The computer show has need of a marketing professional familiar with the television industry, especially syndication and advertising sales both nationally and on a local basis. A thorough knowledge and name list involving cable, broadcast, sattelite, and internet television is required.

The individual applicant will be expected to sell on a commission basis the computer television shows known as The New Computer Show and an as yet unnamed public broadcasting television show both in the national and international markets.

Those without experience need not apply.

Student Interns

Over the years, Al Giovetti and Chris Giovetti have been involved with charatable service. From an early age, Al worked with youth as a Red Cross Swimming Instructor (WSI) and Chris volunteered at a local hospital. Both still devote themselves to inner city community issues and have worked with the city schools in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Guam, Illinois, and other locations giving talks, courses, and helping in any way, especially in the area of computer literacy. Al and Chris have both served (Chris still serves) on the board of Directors of scholarship committees and foundations.

Throughout their carreer, whether they worked for the federal government and on independent companies, both Al and Chris have been involved with student internships. Hiring students at the high school and college levels to provide them experience and training in their intended profession. The Giovetti and Giovetti Productions internship program is intended to do just this: to provide young people with the experience and training so vital to success in today's world.

We are looking for students of videography, journalism, and other related areas to television, computers, and internet production. The students will be expected to work hard in a dynamic and exciting field of computer and television journalism. Other opportunities are available in the area of computers through some of the charatible institutions and foundations that Al and Chris are still involved with.

We are looking for students with high grades, motivation, and work ethics who also have a desire to give back to the community.

Summary: Please email your responses to No calls will be accepted.

HTML Coders needed to put articles up on the system. We are digging the basement of a company and need dedicated individuals willing to work for for long hours. We can offer the future to grow with the endeavor, experience, training and other things.

Television video camera men willing to work with us on projects in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Canada, California, Atlanta, Florida, and other exotic locales. We provide travel expenses and equipment, you provide the warm body. Submitt requirements.

Executive Producers to help finance and share in the profits of the show needed. Extra capital is needed to expand operations and coverage. Business plan is available.

Writers of game, kids software issues, entertainment software, and other computer topics needed. Long hours, and exceptional good writing a requirement. Send clips of articles and requirements to