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By Al Giovetti
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Stratosphere Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    In a mission, press Enter to bring up the message window and type:

  1. @MISTER FREEZE SAYS STOP - Computer Forts Halted
  2. @SHOW ME THE RESOURCE - All floatstone increased by 50000
  3. @GIVE ME THE ROCK - Rock increased by 50000
  4. @MORE ORE FOR LESS - Ore increased by 50000
  5. @MORE GREEN FOR ME - Crystal increased by 50000
  6. @TALL TOWERS - Command Center size raised
  7. @TECNO FREAKS - Tech Level raised
  8. @I GOT MY XRAY SPELLS - Radar line of sight
  9. @I GOTTA SEE MORE - Radar zoomed out
  10. @GIVE ME A CLOSEUP - Radar zoomed in
  11. @WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL - Win mission
  12. @I WANT TO LOSE NOW - Lose mission
  13. @WAS THAT A MOUNTAIN - Super mountain armor
  14. @BOMBS MAY FALL - Super projectile armor
  15. @OTHER FORTS MAY RAM - Super fort armor
  16. @ROCKETS RED GLARE - Super projectile damage
  17. @BAA RAM EUE - Super fort damage
  18. @ELECTRONS ARE FLOWING - Super energy
  19. @BAM BAM BAM - Super shooting
  20. @WHOOSH BY THEM ALL - Super movement
  21. @BANDAGE ME QUICK - Super repair
  22. @BUILD ME A SHAKE - Super build time
  23. @ARMORED BLUE - Super shields
  24. @NOW YOU SEE ME - Super cloak
  25. @NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME - Super cacoon
  26. @SILVER BULLET - Super quicksilver
  27. @LOCK ON TARGET - Super targeting station
  28. @HOME ON THE RANGE - Super range booster
  29. @I CAN SEE FOR MILES AND MILES - Super observatory
  30. @WHERE'S THE BEEF? - Super cow
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