F-22 Raptor Cheats article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Novalogic

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F-22 Raptor Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Press T for the message prompt and type:

  1. it's not my fault - Complete mission
  2. never tell me the odds - Can't be hit
  3. we can rebuild him - Repair damage
  4. there can be only one - Invulnerable
  5. i'll be back - Reload stores
  6. Hex Workshop Download
  7. Trainer


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  1. From: Peter Baker bakerpk@sprint.ca
    Hi! Good list of codes just want to know if you have The F22 Raptor codes I tried the Lighting II but with no success I put your web site in my bookmark list since it is about the best in size and accuracy. It doesn't just cator to the big 5 or 10 & I like that. Hope you can help me thanks in advance ....... Peter from... Montreal, Canada
  2. From: Matt
    I downloaded the demo version of f-22 raptor, and I love it, but when I got the codes for it (type T, then type it's not my fault and all the others) they don't do anything, when I type T while fighting no boxes come up so that i can type the codes. Can I use the codes, and if so how? Right back immediately please jwm@worldpath.net

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